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Oriention of
Building Working Environment
at Landmark Holding

1. Create a professional working space with modern facilities, open architecture, fully equipped with the best welfare system in order to create opportunities for employees to develop a comprehensive, work effectively for the benefit of employees and LMH business objectives.

2. The goal of LMH is to build an ideal working environment based on the following criteria: reliable, progressive, professional and modern; This will be the prerequisite conditions for the staff to develop their abilities, to constantly dedicate and to learn together to build strong LMH in the future.

3. Leadership, management have a high level of professional knowledge, experience in implementing, capturing-communicating and training in order to create inspiration – positive, fun and effective thinking to employees in work.

4. The compensation and welfare system is appropriate for the capacity of each individual working in the company; Ensure that salary increases and promotions are assessed on the basis of impartiality; Individual capacity is assessed periodically to enhance the spirit of striving, compete at work and ensure employee benefits in the company.

5. Always create a dynamic, creative, open and friendly environment, promote the spirit of cooperation, efficiency; maintain, develop the ethical business culture and good value of each individual, company.

Stable Oriention & Developnent
of Human Resources

1. Improve the vacant departments and positions such as: Investment Department, Legal Department, Design Department, Construction-Purchasing Division, R&D Department …

2. Develop, improve human resources in quantity and quality.

3. Highlight potential HR training as an investment. This is the effective combination between senior personnel and potential young people to create stable and expertise human resources later.