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Landmark Holding JSC initially entered the Asia Pacific market

Recently, OUTSTANDING entrepreneurs were recognised for their achievements at the 17th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2018...
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13 badly damaged apartments in Ho Chi Minh City will be repaired

The HCM City Construction Department will select investors to build 13 new apartments...
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Real estate investment strategy when the market’s down

When the real estate market goes through the "hot" cycle, the downward momentum will start to appear. This is where.
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Find out Ho Chi Minh City’s apartment rent for hours

The apartment market in Ho Chi Minh City is starting to boom because the supply is too big. However, current.
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Real Estate Advertising Trick “on behalf of the bank”

Taking advantage of banks to speed up the handling of bad debts through auctions of a series of real estate.
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VEPR: The appartment market goes into the hollow

The Economic and Policy Research Institute (VEPR) has released its Quarterly Economic Report Quarter 3/2018. With the real estate market,.
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